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08/10/18 New items for fishermen!

08/13/18 An education on shallow water fishing begins!

08/14/18 Can you catch shallow water fish year round?

08/15/18 Do you know how to tow a boat properly?

08/16/18 Sammy has some tips to help you tow your boat properly!

08/17/18 A great catfish recipe!

08/20/18 Bill Dance tells us where to find summertime bass!

08/21/18 Where do you look for bass in shallow lakes and ponds in the summer?

08/22/18 With 50% of small lakes devoid of oxygen, where should you look for bass?

08/23/18 Thin water is in!

08/24/18 How about a great catfish recipe?

08/27/18 Sean Finley, of High Adventure Company, visits!

08/28/18 What separates High Adventure from other outdoor outfitters?

08/29/18 What’s the difference between High Adventure and the other guys?

08/30/18 Did you know some of the best hunting and fishing is in the U.S.?

08/31/18 Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge, where Sammy and friends boated 100+ smallmouth!

09/03/18 Who made the first jack plate?

09/04/18 The history of the jack plate and it’s founder!

09/05/18 Do you need a jack plate on your boat?

09/06/18 Why is a jack plate important to your boat’s performance?

09/07/18 What’s Jeff Huntley most proud of, at TH Marine?

09/10/18 The A to Z of plastic worm fishing!

09/11/18 Larry Nixon continues teaching us plastic worm fishing!

09/12/18 There are different styles of plastic worms and different ways to use them!

09/13/18 What’s the best style worm for bass fishing?

09/14/18 How important is the hook you use, plastic worm fishing?

09/17/18 Is their a correct way to set the hook, when plastic worm fishing?

09/18/18 How many different ways can you work a plastic worm?

09/19/18 Is the size and weight important, fishing a plastic worm?

09/20/18 Can your rod and reel determine your success, when fishing a plastic worm?

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