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10/09/18 Which lures are best for crappie, this time of year?

10/10/18 Don Iovino shares the “split shot” style of fishing!

10/11/18 How do you fish the “split shot” on deep, clear lakes?

10/12/18 How will the “split shot” increase your catch?

10/15/18 Fishing legend, Bill Dance visits!

10/16/18 How did Bill Dance come to wear the “T” cap?

10/17/18 Would Bill Dance ever change his “T” cap?

10/18/18 Some of the practical jokes Bill Dance has pulled over the years!

10/19/18 Bill Dance tells us about a lizard that ruined dinner one night!

10/22/18 Rick Clunn talks about square crankbaits!

10/23/18 How did Rick Clunn learn about a lure that’s earned him over $3 million?

10/24/18 What 2 things does a square crankbait need to do, to help you catch more fish?

10/25/18 Are all squarebilled crankbaits the same?

10/26/18 Which size squarebilled crankbaits catch the most fish in the fall?

10/29/18 Jason Quinn talks about catching bass in the fall!

10/30/18 Which baits should you use, to catch more bass in the fall?

10/31/18 How do you make cold fronts work in your favor?

11/01/18 Baseball great, Wade Boggs, visits!

11/02/18 Wade Boggs tells us where to fish, in Florida, this time of year!

11/05/18 One of Sammy’s favorite baits in the fall?

11/06/18 There are many different ways to fish a spinnerbait in the Fall!

11/07/18 Tips that will make you a better spinnerbait fisherman!

11/08/18 How do you preserve spinnerbait skirts?

11/09/18 Why does Sammy love to fish in the fall?

11/12/18 How should you prepare your outboard motor for winter?

11/13/18 Do you need to use a fuel conditioner, for winter storage?

11/14/18 More winter storage tips!

11/15/18 Want to catch more fish, this time of year?

11/16/18 Did you know a grub can help you catch more fish?

11/19/18 Hank Parker stops by to discuss spinnerbait!

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