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06/07/18 What other products are in the BugBand® lineup?

06/08/18 Ticks! A common problem for campers and hikers!

06/11/18 What’s the one thing anglers love about lithium ion marine batteries?

06/12/18 How much weight is reduced, using a lithium ion battery?

06/13/18 Are there additional advantages to lithium ion batteries?

06/14/18 Have you heard of the new mosquito patch insect repellent?

06/15/18 Which insects does the mosquito patch repel?

06/18/18 Bob Holmes tells us how to catch summertime bream!

06/19/18 Which lures help to catch the most summertime bream?

06/20/18 Where do the sunfish go, after the willow fly hatch?

06/21/18 Where should we look, for summertime bream?

06/22/18 If your lake has no vegetation, where should you look for summertime bream?

06/25/18 Do you know about the Pocket Rod Rest?

06/26/18 How Did David come up with the Pocket Rod Rest?

06/27/18 Why is the Pocket Rod Rest such a great idea?

06/28/18 Where can you use the Pocket Rod Rest?

06/29/18 Why should you get a Pocket Rod Rest?

07/02/18 What’s coming up on Tight Lines® this summer?

07/03/18 A special July 4th program!

07/04/18 Do you know how to properly care for your eyes, while on the water?

07/05/18 Dr. Bob Phillips continues his discussion on eye care!

07/06/18 Are there any precautions you can take, to protect your eyes while fishing?

07/09/18 How do you protect your skin, while fishing?

07/10/18 What do you look for, if you think you may have a skin cancer?

07/11/18 What is SPF, in a sun cream?

07/12/18 Which SPF factor should we use?

07/13/18 Bill Dance has some hints to take care of your skin while fishing!

07/16/18 Aaron Martens, former BASS Angler of the Year, visits!

07/17/18 How did Aaron Martens learn the art of the Drop Shot?

07/18/18 Is there a correct rod and reel for the Drop Shot?

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