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03/13/23 Zell Rowland discusses jerkbaits!

04/20/23 What’s the best knot, for a topwater frog?

04/21/23 Is there a baitcasting reel, for a topwater frog?

04/24/23 What’s the best rod, for a topwater frog?

04/25/23 There are many topwater frogs available. Which should you choose? 04/26/23 What do you use, if there are obstacles in the way of your cast?

04/27/23 What’s a “Warbbletron” frog?

04/28/23 What’s coming up. in the next few weeks?

05/01/23 Former major leaguer, Wade Boggs, visits!

05/02/23 Did Wade Boggs fish as a child?

05/03/23 How did Wade find time to fish, during his baseball career?

05/04/23 What kind of fish did Wade catch, on the road?

05/05/23 Wade Boggs concludes his visit!

05/08/23 What do some of the fishing terms mean?

05/09/23 Why is the Pop R such a good topwater lure?

05/10/23 Can you make a Pop R even better?

05/11/23 How do you properly fish a Pop R?

05/12/23 Zell Rowland concludes his Pop R discussion!

05/15/23 Inno Car Racks!

05/16/23 How did the First Strike line of rod racks come about?

05/17/23 Will First Strike racks keep your rods safe?

05/18/23 Does First Strike have different models?

05/19/23 Sammy’s Tight Lines® souvenirs!

05/22/23 What are some of the best lake structures to fish?

05/23/23 Do you know how to fish grass beds?

05/24/23 What’s the best lure, for grass beds?

05/25/23 How will irregular features improve your grass bed catch?

05/26/23 A special Memorial Day program!

05/29/23 How do you catch summertime crappie?

05/31/23 Marine batteries!

06/01/23 What’s the difference between a marine and auto battery?

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