“Tight Lines® with Sammy Lee” is a 3 minute, daily (Monday through Friday), audio fishing program, heard in over 20 states.

In 1994, 84 million anglers spent $650 million dollars on tackle alone, making fishing America's 2nd largest participation sport.

“Tight Lines®” is available for download from this site (link provided upon contract signing). The first spot break, after the introduction, is reserved for a "Tight Lines®" national sponsor, leaving :60 in the second break, plus adjacencies, for your local advertisers. Advertisers are not limited to the tackle related but include: banking; insurance; auto dealers and fast food restaurants.

There are only 3 requirements to become a "Tight Lines®" affiliate:

1. You must air the program at least once a day

2. Complete the Affidavit of Performance, which we provide and

3. Sign the basic Barter Agreement

That's all there is to it!

As an affiliate, you are entitled to receive a set of promos, customized with the tag line of your choice, at no charge.

We look forward to having you join our list of satisfied affiliates.

                          our Station Demo, to hear "Tight Lines".

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